Mission: Using technology to help close the opportunity gap.


Hi there,

I'm Miki. Big fan of California burritos, early 2000's R&B music, and boardgames. If I had to choose between those and a perfect life, I think I'd really have to think about it.

For everything else, I rely on constant introspection to help me design the life I want. I believe in pushing myself out of my comfort zone, whether it's literally jumping out of a plane or being the only tomboy competing in a pageant. This approach has allowed me to pursue growth opportunities and continuously learn about and challenge myself.

Ultimately, I aspire to work in the intersection of human behavior and technology. I am passionate about improving decision making, especially in relation to personal finance, and currently trying to develop the technical skills to do something about it.

If you would like to contact me, feel free to email me at miki.ding1@gmail.com

Berkeley '17 graduate.
Incoming software engineer @ Capital One.
Myers-Briggs: INFP.
Currently abroad in Yokohama, Japan.


Accept your weaknesses and build systems to simply manage them.

Read. Everything you want to do has been done before.

Understand opportunity cost. Say no to most things.

Pursue the best learning opportunities first. The money will follow.

Life will be hard work. You just choose when.

If problems reoccur, you haven't learned the lesson yet. Analyze the root cause.

Motivation and will power are fickle. Use habits to your advantage.

Don't decide what you want. Decide what you are willing to struggle for.

Above all, know yourself and act on that knowledge.


Prudential Financial

Data Science and Marketing Analytics Intern

I analyzed where customers were struggling in the Account Recovery process and built a model to understand which customers weren't contributing to retirement.
Tools used: Adobe Analytics, Tableau, R, Impala

American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology

Research and Data Analytics Intern

I analyzed results from an experiment that looked at the possible effects of Search Engine Manipulation Effect on the 2016 Presidential Election.
Tools used: R, SPSS, Excel

Power Digital Marketing

PR & Outreach Intern

I secured coverage from notable blogs, news outlets, and publications to help our clients develop their personal brand.
Tools used: Grouphigh, Cision, Moz Tools

CMG Strategy Consulting

Senior Business Analyst

I performed competitor analyses and industry deep-dives to guide our clients with revenue generation and post-launch marketing strategies.
Companies worked with: Ubisoft, Quora


Campus Editor

I helped students get increased engagement on LinkedIn's publishing platform, Pulse, and promote their content to a wider audience.
Success metrics: 2,000,000+ views, 75,000+ likes, 5000+ shares, and 22+ channels

UC Berkeley

Resident Advisor

I provided academic support and community building for 75 freshmen to ensure a smooth transition into college.
Programs planned: resume/cover letter workshops, multicultural celebrations, city outings

Project (a)Bridge (Clinton Global Initiative University sponsored)


I co-founded a free SAT bootcamp and college preparation program for low income, first-generation college students.
Success metrics: Increased SAT scores by 300+ points, 100% of students college-bound



Forget Your Brand-Name College: It's a Skills Driven World

Published April 9, 2017

As the process for getting a job evolves, what worked in the past (simply getting a diploma from a top college) is not enough. I talk about the reasons behind that and why current students should focus on building real-world skills instead.

How Uber's Diversity Report Affects Incoming Women in Tech Like Me

Published April 4, 2017

Tech companies have recently faced scrutiny for their treatment of women and minorities. I talk about the issues and impact behind the current work culture and why everybody, not just those impacted, benefit from inclusion.

Thanks to My College Rejection Letters, I Have $0 in Student Debt

Published July 14, 2016

Colleges costs have exploded and student debt has left many unable to take advantage of their time in school. I talk about my story and how I used resources like community college classes to reduce costs and ultimately increase my long-term opportunities.

Mark Zuckerberg Leads the Way in Filter-Bubble World: Don't Ignore People You Disagree With

Published May 28, 2016

Social media often only shows us what we want to see because of its personalization-focused algorithms. I talk about the importance of deliberately hearing different opinions as we enter an increasingly polarized age.

Winning the Powerball Won't Solve Your Money Problems: It Just Exposes Them

Published Jan 14, 2016

Lottery winners often believe their money problems are over once they receive their checks. I talk about why that's not the case and how everybody can learn from the winners' mistakes to improve their own finances.